Unicorn Formerly: Satellite Lounge

96% love it
Circus meets alt Seattle
This place is known for loud music, great drinks, carnival food, and its decor.


    • Tatursan
      Tatursan Over a year ago

      Fun place and usually packed. Mixed, not men only if that is what you want. Karaoke nights are a must

    • eleganthoodlum
      eleganthoodlum Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Not gay-friendly at all
      I had a good friend who worked there and was 86ed there anyway for commenting on a straight couple who were groping each other aggressively (my comment was basically get a room). Another friend from a band had his birthday party there a year later and when I tried to go I was told by the staff that I was never welcome there again. In an extremely rude way. It goes back to the fact that there are very few places left in Seattle where a gay man is welcome.

    • lara.francob
      lara.francob Over a year ago
      Loves it