Science for Life: Imagine an AIDS-free generation


Join us for a glimpse into the breakthrough science conducted at Fred Hutch. Our Science for Life series breaks down concepts, skips the homework and offers a chance to interact with a world-class researcher in a fun and informal atmosphere.


Imagine an AIDS-free generation: Meet the team working toward an HIV vaccine

Imagine a world where the next generation won’t need to worry about being infected by HIV/AIDS. Fred Hutch’s HIV Vaccine Trials Network (HVTN), part of the Vaccine and Infectious Disease Division, is focused on developing a vaccine to prevent HIV/AIDS. Five panel members from the world’s largest publicly funded HIV vaccine research network will share their cutting-edge research, the science behind how vaccines work, and what this means from a global and local community perspective.

Gail B. Broder, MHS
Senior Community Engagement Project Manager

Michele Andrasik, Ph.D.
Behavioral Scientists for HVTN

Jim Maynard, M.D.
Director of HVTN Communications
and Community Engagement

Dr. Janine Maenza
Medical Director,
Fred Hutch/UW Vaccine Trials Unit

Maria Lemos, Ph.D., MPH
Fred Hutch staff scientist


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