Hotel 1000

100% love it
Distinctive, personal and uniquely yours.
The best perk of this hotel is that you get sparkling wine when you arrive. They also have some other neat amenities, like a spa and a virtual golf club.


    • J.J
      J.J Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Charm & Class
      Perfect location close to Pike Place Market, Pioneer Square, Seattle's Waterfront and a plethora of shops, restaurants and bars. Caring and professional staff, personalize your stay if you mention the occasion or preferences. Very elegant rooms and spa – perfect place to be pampered!

    • matty.mccaslin
      matty.mccaslin Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Seattle's Hidden Gem
      Full service Spaahh, 24 Hour room service from BOKA, free long distance & wi-fi. Staff is exceptional and goes above and beyond. Close to EVERYTHING - location is fantastic! The bathtubs are amazing - rooms are charming! Very gay friendly - check out their PRIDE Package!