Gay Seattle: When the sun shines

Seattle has long been ridiculed for its dreary weather, but when the sun comes out, this city shines. The surroundings are spectacularly beautiful, with Elliott Bay and Lake Washington on either end of the city with a view of Mount Rainier in the distance. The city has come alive in recent years aided primarily by the success of its computer industry (Microsoft and are based here) and the influx of new residents from around the US. Gay Seattle is primarily centered around Capitol Hill, a quaint, friendly neighborhood, but you'll find gay people living and working throughout this city and in its computer industry in the surrounding suburbs.

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#weSEAlove: Vlada Knowlton

There’s a reason that Seattle has always been a leader in creating a welcoming environment for the LGBTQ community and why it’s received a perfect score on the Municipal Equality Index (MEI) for over five (5) consecutive years: where others see hate, #weSEAlove. Seattle is a city that favors inclusion over exclusion. In this series, Queerty goes ‘behind-the-image’ of some of the most poignant photos from the @weSEAlove Instagram handle –celebrating stories that showcase how Seattle approaches the world: with love and acceptance. Join Queerty and Visit Seattle in shifting our country's narrative one image and one story at a time by following along at @weSEAlove on Instagram. Discover even more Seattle stories at

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