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Seattle's oldest lesbian bar
Seattle's longest-running lesbian bar and one of the only remaining lesbian-specific bars in the U.S. But don’t worry, cool dudes can drink here, too. Founded in 1985, The Wildrose Bar offers a cheap drink, ahem, Taco Tuesdays, and popular block parties particularly hyped around Pride.


    • Great
      Great Over a year ago
      Loves it

      I'm back for Pride 2012 and this time it's for reeeeeel:)
      Ok so this time around I couldn't believe the change! Nobody touched me or my friend this year which I am pleased to announce. I was unbelievabley pissed last year but this year it was absolutley fabulous. I'm giving the WILD ROSE 5 stars for freakin fuuuuuun as hell. I love the DJ'S not just ecause their sexy but because their good. Great music, friendley service, lovely people in general. And last but certainley not least one of the owners, yeah you know who you are the petite one with the blond hair is so hot and yet so cool at the same time. This bar is the best:):):) Thumbs Up Wild Rose, Thumbs Up

    • emilyrowe
      emilyrowe Over a year ago
      Hates it

      What type of bar allows their bar fly's to search and 86 their customers?
      So after pride this year I and a friend went up to the wild rose, and without any kind of warning implying that we were about to be searched (more like felt up). A kid from out of no where just comes up to my friend and without a word starts touching and grabbing her all over. This kid had no uniform on, no badge, and no identification stating that it was her legal right to just go around touching or searching anyone. Horrified of course we asked her, what legal right she had to be doing what she was doing??? And in an extreemly rude tone she anounced that we were 86 and draws a big black X on my friends hand without warning or permission. What!? Why!? No reason just she didn't like us questioning her. And when we asked to speak to the bars manager the kid and some other woman again without any legal form representing that either of them had any legal right to touch anyone, block us and tell us to just leave. B.S. what type of a messed up bussiness just makes their own rules and disregaurds the law? I will never go back to the rose again and I highly suggest you spend your money elsewhere.

    • twowaycool
      twowaycool Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Unwelcoming to guys.
      Went there once for brunch with another male friend, got lots of unfriendly stares from the women there. Every guy I know who has gone has been actively made to feel unwelcome. Ladies, evolve.

    • passionsrod
      passionsrod Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Always Hot Women Here
      Sometimes the butch older women get jealous and protective but I've met some very nice friendly women here. And if you're a man it's ok, just be polite and considerate.

    • Seattleite
      Seattleite Over a year ago
      Hates it

      NOT For Gay Men
      Patrons don't care if you're gay or straight, if you're a male, you are made to feel VERY unwelcome. A lesbian friend of mine was visiting from out of town and the bartender refused to serve me. Embarrassed, I had to ask my friend to order the drinks. We had to leave because patrons blocked me from using the restrooms. I understand that many of the patrons remember an era when they were made to feel unwelcome at gay bars and harbor resentment from those days, but they need to bring themselves into the 21st century.

    • Darque_Rose
      Darque_Rose Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Loved will go back
      A very friendly atmosphere. Bartenders and waitresses are very friendly. Doesn't really matter what time you go, the crowd is great. Prices a reasonable even for someone for a small town like me.

    • Patricia
      Patricia Over a year ago
      Hates it

      What happened......
      If you are over the age of 30, not the place to meet for a drink except in the early afternoon. Gay men be warned, this is not the place for you. I met a friend and he was most uncomfortable after received some not so nice stares from the other patrons when he walked in. The food is good, the wait staff are always nice, but if you are over 30 or 40 and want a place to meet a friend for a drink be it male or female after 9:00 don't go to the Rose...mostly the young crowd who are not overly welcoming.

    • Rebecca
      Rebecca Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Wildrose is a great place for the hommies to hang out. Great selection of music on the jukebox and of course as all us "studs" know there's gotta be a pool table there for us to hang out. Decent food, strong drinks and great atmosphere. Easy to find and kinda industrial sitting meets CHEERS.